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Exo Zombies Gameplay Solo Walkthrough + Song Xbox One 1080P Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Day 1

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Exo Zombies Gameplay Solo Walkthrough + Song Xbox One 1080P Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Day 1

Exo zombies is awesome! You will love this Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Zombies solo world record video from the Havoc map pack release day! See how to turn the song on and parts of the easter egg plus a complete walkthrough to level 26 solo on outbreak which put me 27 in the world overall for career and in the top 650 for best game with one of the best ever solo so far and the best on YouTube! This video was created on xbox one using the game capture HD by elgato and promoted by my online education company at The video will help and talk about all of these topics and more!

How do you get the exo suit in exo zombies outbreak? You make your way to the exo suit room and turn the power on! Then you pick up the suit! EMZ’s or zombies carrying EMP loads will disable your suit which is similar to a map hack experience in multiplayer.

First steps in completing the easter egg on outbreak in exo zombies. Pick up the box in spawn and reboot all of the computer monitors when they are green.

How do you turn the power on in the new exo zombies outbreak level? There are little power stations in the spawn and three other rooms you turn on to get the power on in those locations similar to origins.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare EXO ZOMBIES GAMEPLAY! HAVOC DLC Map Pack 1 Zombies from AW Exo Zombies. Exo Zombies Outbreak Gameplay/Walkthrough.

How the upgrade system works.
The characters actually are worth listening to! The actors and one actress are John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan, and Jon Bernthal.

The drops and power ups in exo zombies explained! The nuke is called the DNA bioweapon. Double points is called the IIX. Insta kill is called hyper-damage.

The game starts on round 1 and ends on round 26 which is a world record for solo on release day. The rounds go past 30 for sure!

The exo zombies perk system explained! Juggernaut is called exo-health. Slight of had is called exo-speed and exo-reload. Quick revive is featured as exo-medic.

How can I upgrade my guns in exo zombies outbreak? The pack-a-punch is called the weapon upgrade machine and you can upgrade your guns to level 20.

How do you hit the box in outbreak exo zombies? You use the 3D printer and you have to turn the power on first.

What do the perks cost? Exo Medic costs 1,500. Exo Slam costs 2,000. Exo Reload which is Speed Reload costs 2,000. Exo Health which is Juggernaut costs 2,000. Exo Soldier costs 1,750.

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COD AW Prestige Hack

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