COD Advanced Warfare Prestige

Enable and use cheat codes in Call of duty 4 Multiplayer

COD AW Prestige Hack

How to enable cheats in Call of duty 4 (PC- MULTIPLAYER!!!!!)

1) Start a new server
2) Enable console
3)Press ~ , type ” /devmap mp_bog ” and press ‘enter’.
You can also type shipment, crossfire etc.
4)Press ~ , type ” /god ” and press ‘enter’ for being deathless!
5)Type ” /jump_height 1000 ” and press enter for bigger jumps. You can also type a number between 1-999 -except ”1000′-‘ for smaller jumps.
6) Type ” /player_sustainammo 1 ” and press enter for unlimited ammo without reloading.
7) You are able to go everywhere you want.
8) Have fun!!!!

*You can find easily the codes on network. Just, type ”cheat codes for call of duty 4” in your broswer.
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COD AW Prestige Hack

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