COD Advanced Warfare Prestige

COD Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Epic Cheat Engine Hacks

COD AW Prestige Hack

You will need to have cheat engine 6.1 installed on your computer in order for this hack to work. It is completely free and safe, you need it because this hack was created with this program, it’s a universal hacking tool, you can use it to hack other games too.
Download link:

Here are the hacks included:
-Infinite health (keypad #1)
-Infinite ammo (keypad #2)
-Infinite grenades, flashes, C4s, and claymores (keypad #3)
-No recoil (doesn’t work with most guns for some reason) (keypad #4)
-Rapid fire (works woth guns, melee, nades, flashes, C4s, and claymores) (keypad #5)

COD AW Prestige Hack

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