COD Advanced Warfare Prestige

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare – All Working Exo Zombie Glitches – Xbox 1

COD AW Prestige Hack

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare – All Glitches For Exo Zombies On The Xbox 1

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Supply Drop Glitch – Advanced Warfare (UNLOCK EVERYTHING!) – Supply Drop Call of Duty

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Are you guy’s worried that you won’t reach prestige master by the time the next call of duty comes out, but you really want those elite weapons? Don’t worry, hopefully this is the way to get that Bal 27 Obsidian Steed, AK12 R.I.P or even that little ASM1 Speakeasy that you always wanted. Just trade 1 Prestige for 1 Gun!

I can’t believe Call of duty: Advanced warfare trolled me into thinking I got the worlds best supply drop. I felt so lucky for a minute there with all this Royalty camo and all these perks, attachments and calling cards. Then out of no where, advanced warfare takes it all away from me! The Ultimate Call of Duty Troll!

If you’re looking for awesome video’s to fill your needs, you’ve come to the right place! Enjoy this epic content 🙂

Imagine being able to get any elite gun that you want in call of duty. Imagine if such a glitch existed in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare allowing you to cheat Supply Drops and get any gun you want? Wouldn’t that be amazing. Well luckily for us we do not need to Glitch supply drops in order to get elite weapons like the Obsidian steed or the speakeasy. We will soon have a way to get these without hacking Advanced Warfare LOL.

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“UNLOCK EVERYTHING!” Advanced Warfare – Supply Drop (Elite guns, Royalty, Gear!)
“UNLOCK EVERYTHING!” Advanced Warfare – Supply Drop (Elite guns, Royalty, Gear!)

Elite Gun Supply Drop Glitch

COD AW Prestige Hack

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